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Concurrent positivity AQP4-IgG and MOG- IgG: secondary findings of an online survey with 146 NMOSD patients.


Introduction: an online survey was applied to 146 NMOSD patients aiming investigate their employment status, and some interesting data regarding their anti-AQP4 and anti-MOG being concurrently positive maybe a communication gap or a Brazilian peculiarity?
Objectives: describe secondary data regarding current treatment, anti-AQP4 and MOG-IgG and from an online survey to investigate employment status of NMOSD patients.
Methods: an online survey was sent to NMOSD patients from digital platform base of a Brazilian patient association,during the first trimester of 2023, to investigate their employment status. Secondary data regarding current treatment and antibody status will be shown in this poster
Results: of the 146 patients, 137 performed the anti-AQP4 test, with 71% of them reporting positivity, less than 6% were not aware if test was performed or the result. 40 patients affirmed to had MOG-IgG test performed, 35% positive. 17 of them tested negative to AQP4-IgG and intriguingly 7%(n=10) patients reported being both AQP4 IgG and MOG-IgG positive.

Conclusion: NMOSD patients with concomitant AQP4-IgG and MOG-IgG positivity is usually rarer in literature reports, around 1% ¹, so we our study population with 7% of patients reporting this situation must be either miscommunication or a very rare Brazilian peculiarity. Even so, those results could also be low titer levels of MOG IgG, that may be encountered in NMOSD patients, with no clinical significancy. Later on, participants will be individually assessed to improve the quality of this information.




Raquel Vassão Araujo, Bruna Rocha Silveira, Gustavo Elexpe San Martin, Giulia Gamba