I - Guidelines for abstract submission

1) Please register for the event through the website. There are no fees at the time of registration; payments can be made after the abstract´s acceptance has been confirmed. Coauthors registering at the congress should not send in an abstract that has already been registered by one of the authors.

  • All abstracts must be submitted through the official Congress website.

2) Log in to the restricted area on the [ATTENDEES AREA] menu using the username and password that you have chosen for registration. New menus will be displayed.

3) Click on the [Scientific Registration >> Abstracts] Menu.

4) Follow the instructions on the screen to access the abstract submission form. Fill in all the fields in the online form.

5) Before submitting the abstract, please review it carefully. Changes will be allowed only until the final submission deadline.

*The submitting author must fill in all the fields in the online form. All communications related to the scientific paper will be sent only to this author by registered email and he/she will be in charge of passing them on to the coauthors.

6) Choose the type of presentation – Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation.

7) After submitting the abstract, click on "Log out".

8) After submitting the abstract, the person in charge of the presentation (the same person who submitted the abstract) will receive an email confirming the information provided. Please check if all the information is correct. Should anything be wrong, log in again and make the necessary adjustments (up to the deadline for submission of abstracts – see “Important Information”).

9) If you do not receive the automatic email acknowledging the submission on the same day, the abstract may not have been sent correctly. In this case, please contact by e-mail address paula.campos@ccmgroup.com.br to report the problem. Remember to check your SPAM box before doing so.

10) To access the event website again, just log in with your username and password on the [ATTENDEE AREA] menu. If you do not remember your login data, use the “forgot your password?” option at the top of the page.

II - Main Areas

  • Clinical findings
  • Epidemiology and MRI
  • Immunology and basic Science
  • MS treatment
  • Multidisciplinary care
  • NMO, ADEM and CIS

III - Important Information

  • The official language of the Congress is English.
  • The ABSTRACTS must be submitted only in English; papers submitted in other languages will not be considered. It must be grammatically correct, otherwise, it may be refused.
  • The deadline for abstract submission is May 2nd, 2023.
  • To receive the certificate for the abstract after the event, one of the listed authors must be registered and have attended the event.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts to be submitted by an author.
  • There is no limit to the number of authors to be included per abstract. Please list the authors in the desired order.

IMPORTANT: The submitter/presenter must be included in the list of authors!

  • On May 15th, 2023, abstract acceptance will be published in the [Scientific Registration >> Abstracts] link of the submission site (author log in).
  • After receiving confirmation of acceptance, the person submitting the abstract must confirm the payment of the registration fee by May 30th 2023. The presentation should be made by the author registered as having submitted the abstract. If this is not possible, another previously registered author will do so, as long as he/she has registered for the event and has paid the registration fee.
  • All abstracts must be submitted through the official Congress website.
  • Only one certificate will be issued per abstract presented. Certificates are issued following the order in which authors were registered.
  • Please note: all materials produced based on the abstracts (such as publications in scientific journals) must be a faithful reproduction of the information submitted by the author. It is therefore not possible to change the title, summary, or list of authors after the submission deadline. We emphasize that the submitting author is fully responsible for all the information provided.
  • The first author can choose the modality for the abstract presentation. However, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to alter this choice.
  • Registration fees can be found at the “Registration” menu of the congress website and are independent of the approval date of the abstract. To ensure any discount, payment of the fees must be made within the established deadlines.
  • The final decision of the Scientific Committee on presentation modality is considered final and conclusive and will not be questioned.
  • By submitting the papers, the authors commit themselves to comply with the laws and ethical standards that govern research with humans and animals, including the approval of the Research Ethics Committees and Committees on Animal Clinical Research and Ethics.
  • The Organizing Committee of Congress will not be responsible for the costs of registration, transportation, accommodations, or any other costs generated by presentations in any modality.
  • Submitting the summary represents the commitment on the part of the author(s) to present the paper, if accepted, during the event.

IV - Guidelines for abstract preparation

  • The title should be concise and reflect the study to be presented. The length of the title must be limited to 250 characters.
  • The text of the abstract should not exceed 300 words (title and authorship/ affiliation not included).
  • The abstract should be structured objectively and concisely, providing essential information under each heading. Suggested headings: Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.
  • Case reports should be structured as follows: Case Presentation, Discussion, and Final Comments. Considering that case reports represent an important contribution to the exchange of experience between professionals, the Scientific Committee recommends only sending reports of common cases with atypical evolution or rare cases of major relevance.
  • The institution or institutions where the research was conducted, as well as the names of the authors, should NOT be mentioned in the body of the text.
  • The content of the abstract should be associated with the topic selected.
  • The use of graphs or tables will not be allowed in the submission of abstracts, although such resources may be used when formatting the presentations.
  • Bibliographic references should not be included in the electronic submission. The authors should refrain from using abbreviations.
  • Results based on statements such as "results will be presented" and "data will be analyzed" will not be considered. These should be explained as clearly as possible, and the conclusions should be based on the data presented. In the case of an ongoing study, for example, the authors should present at least the preliminary results.
  • Case reports without clear originality and relevance justifying their presentation will not be accepted. Papers limited to literature review only will also be rejected.
  • Trade names are not allowed, only generic drug names written in lowercase letters.

V - Guidelines for Approved Abstracts

Oral Presentation

The oral presentation must be done within 15 minutes. 

Presentation time is 10 minutes.

After the presentation, there will be 05 minutes for discussion and possible questions from jury and guests.

If none of the authors attend the event, the presentation will be canceled, and the certificate will not be issued. 

The presentation must be prepared in Power Point slides (Windows) and needs to be handed in at the Media Desk at least 1 hour before the session starts, in order to upload the document at the media system. 

You can download the template [HERE].

Information about day and time of the presentation will be available in the previously stipulated in the scientific program of the congress: https://bctrims2023.com.br/evento/bctrims2023/programacao/gradeatividades and can be consulted at: https://bctrims2023.com.br/evento/bctrims2023/trabalhosaprovados.

Happy Poster

The oral presentation must be done within 10 minutes.

Presentation time is 7 minutes.

After the presentation, there will be 03 minutes for discussion and possible questions from jury and guests.

If none of the authors attend the event, the presentation will be canceled, and the certificate will not be issued. 

The presentation must be prepared in Power Point slides (Windows) and needs to be handed in at the Media Desk at least 1 hour before the session starts, in order to upload the document at the media system. 

You can download the template [HERE].

Information about day and time of the presentation will be available in the previously stipulated in the scientific program of the congress: https://bctrims2023.com.br/evento/bctrims2023/programacao/gradeatividades  and can be consulted at: https://bctrims2023.com.br/evento/bctrims2023/trabalhosaprovados.


Poster Presentation

The approved abstracts will be displayed at the congress totens without any presentation.

The abstracts approved for the POSTER section will be sent electronically (e-poster) by the link: https://e-poster.com.br/bctrims/.

The option to send the E-POSTER will only be available within the link: https://e-poster.com.br/bctrims/. The author or coauthor, who will have previously submitted the abstract through the website, is responsible for the timely delivery and appropriate format. The congress organization is not responsible for files delivered after the established deadline or with formatting problems.


Deadline for submission of E-poster: postponed to June 12th, 2023

The abstract in the Poster modality must be sent electronically (E- Poster), that is, the abstract that will be presented will not have to be printed;

Page Setup at Power Point:

  1. File developed in Power point (.ppt, .pptx) or another similar program, in a single slide and saved in PPT, PPTX or PDF format;
  2. The presentation may contain at most one page (slide);
  3. Page size setting 15,752 cm x 28,002 cm (width x height);
  4. Slide scaled to “Customize” portrait orientation;
  5. Font type and font size: Arial or Calibri, minimum size 16 for the title, 8 for general contents and references;
  6. Use italics only to indicate terms in other languages;
  7. The avoid cuts in the texts, it is important that the size margins used in template are respected.
  8. It is suggested that it be structured with the following subtitles (when applicable):
  9. Title
  10. Authors and institutional affiliations
  11. Introduction and Objectives
  12. Methodology,
  13. Results and discussion,
  14. Conclusions,
  15. References
  16. The title of the E-Poster should be the same as the abstract. Below the title should be the name of the authors and their respective institutions. When there is more than one author, separate them by the semicolon.
  17. Static images and graphics are allowed. 


VI - Awards

  • Aluizio Marques Award - R$3.000,00
  • Roberto Melagrano Award - R$2.000,00
  • Gilberto Belisário Award -  R$2.000,00
  • Immunology and Basic Science Award - R$2.000,00




Title: Real-world application of 2022 diagnosis criteria and proposed classification of optic neuritis

Authors: SARA TERRIM, Guilherme Diogo Silva, Fernando Cavalcanti de Sá e Benevides Falcao, Clarissa dos Reis Pereira, Thais de Souza Andrade Benassi, Ida Fortini, Marcia Rubia Rodrigues Gonçalves,  Luiz Henrique Martins Castro, Samira Luisa Apostolos Pereira, Luiz Roberto Comerlatti, Tarso Adoni,  Mario Luiz Monteiro, Dagoberto Callegaro 

Institution: Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP 




Authors: JULIANA MACHADO SANTIAGO SANTOS AMARAL, Vitória Eduarda Alves Jesus, Mariana Conceição Rodrigues Ribeiro, Sthéfany Garcia Azevedo, Flavia Cardoso Schaper, Raquel Carvalho Lana, Rodrigo Gonçalves Vieira Kleinpaul, Larissa Tavares Aguiar 

Institution: Faculdade Ciências Médicas de Minas Gerais 



Title: MOG-IgA characterizes a subgroup of patients with central nervous system demyelination

Authors: ANNE-KATRIN PRÖBSTEL, Ana Beatriz Ayroza Galvão Ribeiro Gomes, Laila Kulsvehagen, Patrick Lipps, Alessandro Cagol, Nuria Cerdá-Fuertes, Tradite Neziraj, Julia Flammer,  Jasmine Lerner, Anne-Catherine Lecourt , Nina de Oliveira S. Siebenborn, Rosa Cortese, Sabine Schaedelin, Vinicius Andreoli Schoeps, Aline de Moura Brasil Matos, Natalia Trombini Mendes, Clarissa dos Reis Pereira, Mario Luiz Ribeiro Monteiro, Samira Luisa dos Apostolos Pereira, Patrick Schindler, Claudia Chien, Carolin Schwake, Ruth Schneider, Thivya Pakeerathan, Orhan Aktas,  Urs Fischer, Mattias Mehling, Tobias Derfuss, Ludwig Kappos,  Ilya Ayzenberg, Marius Ringelstein, Friedemann Paul , Dagoberto Callegaro, Jens Kuhle, Athina Papadopoulou, Cristina Granziera

Institution: Freie Universität Berlin



Title:  Plasma Neurofilament Light Chain in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients: a new NEDA parameter?

Authors: LARISSA ARAUJO DUARTE, Andreza Salvio Lemos, Renan Amphilophio Fernandes, Milene Teixeira Ataíde, Vinicius Coutinho Costa, João Dib Farinhas, Valéria Coelho Santa Rita Pereira, Assuncion Martinez Liem, Márcia Waddington Cruz, Soniza Vieira Alves-Leon 

Institution: UFRJ


VII - Publication

  • All the presented abstracts will be available on the official website of the congress.

VIII - Certificates

  • After the congress, the certificates of the abstracts approved for presentation will be made available to the author responsible for the submission on the congress website (conditional on his/her attendance of the event). To print or download the PDF file, you must access the "Certificates" menu, located on the congress homepage, enter the registered email, and fill in the "Satisfaction Survey."
  • Important notice: the certificates will not be sent directly by email.
  • A certificate will be issued with the title of the abstract, in the approved modality, and the name of all authors registered at the time of submission.
  • The second certificate will be issued with the title of the abstract, the approved modality, and the name of the presenter.
  • At least one of the authors must be registered and have attended the event in order to receive the certificate later. 
  • If the author responsible for submitting the abstract has not attended the event, one of the coauthors (who attended and presented the paper) may request the transfer of the certificate through the e-mail address paula.campos@ccmgroup.com.br.

Click here to submit your abstract