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Processes and ultra-processed foods cause excess calorie and sodium intake in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder


Introduction: Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system and is associated with autoantibodies to aquaporin-4. The pathogenesis of NMOSD remains complicated and multifactorial. Objectives: To evaluate the dietary practices of in patients with NMOSD, according to the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for the Brazilian population. Methods: Cross-sectional, quantitative study in patients diagnosed with NMOSD. Food consumption was measured using the 24-hour Food Recall. Home measurements were converted into grams based on a reference table. Foods were categorized according to the degree of processing of the Brazilian food guide (minimally processed, processed, or ultra-processed) and food consumption was evaluated to quantify calories (Kcal) and sodium intake. Data were analyzed using the mean, frequency, and standard deviation of the variables. For analytical statistics, the variables were correlated using the Pearson and Spearman test, after verification of normality by the test of Shapiro-Wilk. The statistical software used was Statistics/Data Analysis (STATA) version 14.2, adopting (p < 0.05). Results: The total sample was 37 individuals, with an average age of 41.2 years (standard deviation 12.44). It was observed that 34.3% of the foods consumed were processed and ultra-processed. The average calorie intake was 1745.2 Kcal. Being the average Kcal per consumption of processed foods 229 and 381.6 for ultra-processed. The mean sodium intake was 1119.7 mg. A positive correlation was seen between Kcal and sodium, as consumption of 0.64 Kcal, increases sodium intake (r = 0.6488) (p = 0.000). A correlation was observed between ultra-processed Kcal and sodium (r = 0.6944) (p = 0.000). Conclusion: It appears that a large part of the calories and sodium consumed comes from processed and ultra-processed foods.

KEYWORDS: Neuromyelitis Optica. Dietary. Energy. Sodium.


Multidisciplinary care


Beatriz Melo de Carvalho, Victor Vicent Morais de Lima, Antônia Gislayne Abreu da Silva, Rebeca Silvestre Chaves Silva, Renan Souto Pereira, Linka Richellis Nascimento de Freitas, Keyla Rejane Frutuoso de Morais, Patrícia Rocha D'Almeida, Paulo Sérgio Alves Lisboa, Carla Welch da Silva, Gabriela Joca Martins, Milena Sales Pitombeira, Igor Bessa Santiago, Lucas Silvestre Mendes, Ivna Lacerda Pereira Nóbrega, José Artur Costa D'Almeida, Maria Luisa Pereira de Melo